Mucenta Elementary School was started in 2004 and today has about 189 children from grades K3 to 7th grade.  The school has ten teachers.  From 2011 to 2014, Kisoro Kids has partnered with the community at Mucenta to provide roofing and cement flooring for four classrooms.


In 2012, we learned that this school had an area in the center of their buildings for children to have recess and play football; however, the land did not belong to the school and the children were forbidden to play.  But in 2013, all of the churches associated with our five community schools worked together to raise funds to buy the land.  Out of gratitude, the people at Mucenta worked together to build a new church.  They built the church for the Batwa pygmy people, one of the local minority groups.

Mucenta Map and Stats 960c